How to have a life when everything is wrapped in dark wool?

I don’t know how, why or even if it’s R(headmate) that’s crashed what we’ve spent years working to build and establish as a functional system. The only thing that makes any sense is that it’s something R’s effecting. Not sure it’s consciously but she sure has some element of responsibility. 

Actually, thinking back it started when the Doc insisted that R, “remember to remember.” After that this new swirl of mental cocooness settled over us all, she’s set on denial of us and anything we’ve talked about happening in the past. I finally got a few minutes to talk to J-Doc who said she thinks R is out of touch with her anger. Particularly angry at being ‘damaged’ and the death of M (our oldest son)  On a very deep level they’re weaved together.

Seems R has convinced herself that she made us all up, lies about her life and what was done to her. That she tried to convince her it was all a childish lie. Heh! J-Doc laughed saying we’d be, “up for MULTIPLE (she cracks me up) Academy Awards for presenting as yourselves all these decades!”

Wish someone would tell that one to R. Then again don’t know she’d hear it, she obviously needs to hide on this new D-train. Meanwhile the system is housed in these wool coats of inability to communicate. 



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