I’ve been thinking again about the D-train (dissociation) and how it effects my life. Lets talk ‘bleed thru,” of the ickiness kind. Of that which was our childhood. More and more things are turning up in my level of knowledge. This stuff is NOT comfy. In fact it’s down right X-File! Really… No kidding around.

Pith has done all this research to find out who Ren & hers (and others inside)”doctors” were. What she’s found is just damn creepy and so out there it’s hard to write out loud. I’ve strived all these years to not be a “wingnut” and now it looks like we are by default.
There are HUGE dirty secrets our government doesn’t want known.
Those that talk about it are scorned and called paranoid. Not something I wana go plopping my tail in the middle. Yet I know what I’m experiencing is real, it happened. I wanted to call it imagination or screen memory, but they’re not. This stuff is out of my realm of experience and I’m not prissy. I’ve lived in the underbelly.

My head is a nasty place thanks to the Cold War.



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  1. Splinteredones
    Jul 12, 2010 @ 21:43:10

    (((()))). Nasty. When you know what you know and you know nobody else knows it even though many, many people do…..but to be a whistle-blower only puts you in danger…but you’re in terrible danger by keeping the toxic poision…but you don’t remember because you were checked out…but you remember everything as clear as a bell in places where you don’t really live anymore…but those places are so much more real than the YOU who’s up front…but it’s all a fog…….dissociation sucks as much as it is the gift that kept us alive. I’m tired.


    • moreheads
      Jul 13, 2010 @ 00:41:51

      It’s a long journey to come out the other side and getting tired is pretty damn common. We’re all real, what happen was real and life after is real.



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